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Ikea Hack: Life-Size Dollhouse | Part 1




  1. Purchase 2 KALLAX Ikea Bookshelves

  2. Assemble the bookshelves but do not add the middle shelves, so that it's just the frame. I did not attach these bookshelves together as I wanted to be able to separate them for easier storage.

  3. Measure the back of the frame and go to Home Depot to get a piece of plywood custom cut to the size you need.

  4. Use a hammer and nails to nail the backing to one of the Ikea shelves.

  5. Using a squeegee, use contact paper or wallpaper to wallpaper the insides of the dollhouse. I used a squeegee from the dollar store and used vintage wallpaper from the late 80s that I thrifted at my favorite thriftsore: EcoThrift in Hayward, CA.

  6. Use an exacto knife to trim any edges of the wallpaper.

  7. Use wood patterned contact paper and a squeegee to cover the flooring of the dollhouse. Use the exacto knife to trim away any edges.

  8. For props, I added tiny table, tea set, a doll, and bed frame that I thrifted and had since childhood.

That's the end of part 1! Stay tuned for part 2 where we add a window, curtains, and chandelier!!

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