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I'm Bree & I started Dress Up Studio!

I've always loved to play "dress up." Who doesn't?? 


My love for costumes led me to work at Disneyland in their Entertainment Costuming Department shortly after college.  Here, I got to help Mickey & the princesses get dressed! I even got to help Ariel with her fin, which was definitely a life-highlight!  (If you're in college and love Disney, check out the Disney College Program! It was a BLAST!)

Since my days at Disneyland, I've made a few career changes, but my love for costumes, wigs, and taffeta only grew.  Though as I've gotten older, I find that there are less and less opportunities to wear silly, extravagant gowns! 

Other than Halloween, when is there an opportunity to try on Audrey's famous frock and zone out to Moon River? Or try on a replica of what Rihanna wore to the Met gala in 2015?

When I first traveled to Japan in 2017 where my boyfriend and I were visiting family, we came across a service that allowed tourists and locals to transform themselves into historically accurate figures through dress, hair, and make-up. This concept – that you could experience a transformation through one-of-a-kind, sacred garments, and learn about their history – really left a mark on me.

I came back home with an excitement to create a magical space ​where we could all escape and intentionally "play dress up" as adults.


Unlike when we were kids, this time "dress up" comes with an appreciation of fabric & craftsmanship, an enthusiasm for the idol you're channeling, and lots of champagne!

Come play dress up with us in Glendale, CA. We have Moon River queued up and all sequins, wigs, and bubbles that have only existed in your dreams up until now.

- Bree Francis, Founder



Yes, these are doll clothes on my blazer. lol

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